• Personal / Character Development Workshops
  • Leadership Development Workshops and Camps
    - Project Planning (VIA Project, Orientation Camp, Event etc)
    - Listening skills
    - Presentation skills (public speaking)
    - Outdoor Leadership Programmes
  • Facilitation Skills for Student Leaders
    - Activity Facilitation (Plan, Conduct Activity, and then Debrief)
    - Process Facilitation (facilitate meetings, discussions, Brainstorming, voting etc)
  • Service Learning (Community Leadership)
    - Overseas VIA / SL Programmes
  • Profiling (DiSC, TetraMap, Emergenetics)
  • Mentoring
  • And more…


What happens when 2 schools merge and students from both schools come together for ​the first time? Will there be synergy or confusion? Why not start the integration processes early by equipping Student Leaders with the attitude, skills and knowledge to lead change? From workshops to camps, a Student Leader training session can be a powerful platform for Student Leaders from both schools to meet, interact, and start creating a new culture moving forward.


Train -
Conducting training workshops and camps for your students
Mentor -
Training and mentoring your student leaders to effectively plan, organize, lead and execute events, activities and even camps for the juniors and general student population
Transfer -
Work together with you and your teachers in the areas of designing the student leadership programme, equipping your teachers with the knowledge to run the programme and training your students and demonstrate the training with an intent to eventually hand over the lesson plans and resources so that the teachers



Workshops are non-overnight programmes.

They range from 3-hour leadership skill workshops to multi-day workshops that deepen skill, attitude and knowledge.

Some of such workshops include:

  • Knowing Me, Knowing Others
  • Assertive Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Event Planning / Project Management
  • Game Leadership / Facilitation
  • Discussion Facilitation
  • The Student Leadership Challenge
  • Servant Leadership
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • VIA Leadership




Camps are programmes with overnight stay.

We deliver our camps classroom based, outdoor based as well as a good mix of both platforms. All our workshop-based contents can be included in our camps.

We deepen learning through initiatives, Challenge Rope Course, Kayaking, Trekking, and Navigation.

We focus on developmental and educational programming in our leadership developmental programmes.



We believe that wherever we conduct our programmes, safety must be the number ONE priority.

Thus, instead of working with many sites, we work only with specific sites that meet our stringent Risk Assessment Requirements.

Our current working partners are:

  1.  Nomad Adventure, Perak
  2. Kulim Eco Trail Retreat, Kota Tinggi


  • Lesson Design and Planning Consultancy Packages
  • Recreational Adventure Trips
  • Overseas VIA


  • Servant Leadership - Robert K. Greenleaf
  • The Leadership Challenge - Kouzes & Posner
  • Situational Leadership