Every day, every moment, as a person you are either reacting or responding to situations or people around you.
Reacting is automatic, driven by your paradigms, habits and past experiences.  Some reactions are good while others may not be. Precisely because it is automatic, most of us are not even aware that we have reacted to a situation or to a person.

Responding requires individual to PAUSE and THINK before choosing an action to respond to a situation or a person. It is deliberate and requires one to be more responsible of one’s actions. It takes a high degree of awareness of the self, the situation and the social context.

Through the theme of CHOICES, you can choose to use the course as platform to elevate your individual awareness to examine individual reactions as well as your impact on self and others.  In the process, you then can choose to begin to make choices about your own actions towards others.  To strengthen individual awareness,  you will be encouraged to choose to evaluate your own choices as not all good choices at the moment will be right for the longer term, and the vice versa can be true.  The notion of good, bad, right and wrong will be examined from different perspectives as well.

This is a potentially life-changing experience coming your way.

There are many reasons why people attend this programme, for example:

  • Transition - you may be going through transition such as changing jobs, exploring new career options, just close chapter of your life or opening a new chapter.
  • Wanting Clarity - you may be going through a phase of life where you feel hazy, uncertain or even lethargic about taking action.
  • Learning the Czech Method - you could be a practitioner wanting to learn a new method of designing Experiential Learning.
  • Personal Retreat - you are wanting to take a personal retreat. Instead on a quiet, solo trip. You may want to have a more structured experience and looking at yourself from a new pair of lens.
  • Personal Development - wanting to find a better version of you through the process of self-discovery.

There are 2 parts in this run:

Part 1 - Pivotal Moments

Date - 1 Dec (Sat) till 7 Dec (Fri)
Location: Singapore

Part 2 - Czech Experiential Learning Methodology Workshop

Date - 8 Dec (Sat) till 9 Dec (Sun, 5:00pm)
Trainer - Simona Trávníčková (aka Simi)
Location: Singapore
Part 2 of the training is complementary, you may choose not to attend Part 2.

Hard Choice for you with regards to Course Fee

CHOICE A - Registered and Paid by 15 September: $1605 (incl GST)
CHOICE B - Registered and Paid  between 16 September and by 15 October: $1765.50 (incl GST)
CHOICE C - Registered and Paid after 16 Oct to 15 November: $1926 (incl GST)
CHOICE D - Registered and Paid after 15 November: $2138.93 (Before GST)

Remember is
a)  Registered and Paid yeah. We will screen and give you a reply within 5 days of your registration, so time your registration and choose when you would like to register 🙂
b)  For every actions, there will be an reaction. Your choice reflects your priority.

The course fee includes:

  • accommodation
  • food
  • participation in all course programmes
  • training materials

The Course Fee does not include:

  • participant's accident insurance
  • transport costs
  • personal costs during the programme


What will you choose to do?

REGISTRATION for this run CLOSES on 15th November 2018 or when 24 participants space is filled.



The first run of Pivotal Moments of the theme "CHOICES" happened from 7 to 13 April 2018.
For us in Pivotal Youth, this was a significant milestone we embarked into a new pedagogy - The Czech Way of Experiential Learning.

It took us 6 months of planning as the majority of  activities were newly created to suit our context.  During the execution, it was a string of seven sleepless nights for the team as we constantly monitored the responses of the participants  and made timely adjustments to the programme.

Yet to us, it was all worthwhile, when we saw the deep insights the participants walked away with.

​This coming run will include a 2-day methodology workshop by our Czech Instructor.



Most of her time, Simona is an improviser, actor, performer and lecturer of theatre and applied improvisation in Bafni theatre. In PŠL-OBCZ she ran Wintertouch 2011, the winter version of INTERTOUCH, courses just for women about womanhood and a lot of courses for mixed groups aimed at self-development in different areas.

She was council member of PSL between 2013 to 2015 and Vicechair from 2015 to 2017.

She develops specific method of experiential learning in courses of PŠL-OBCZ in methodological courses. But on the other hand, she has a doctorate degree in international private law, teaches at Charles University in Prague and Masaryk university in Brno. She works also at Czech Supreme Court.

I love theatre, singing and dancing. Love working on meaningful things with talented people.



Yen Kai has been in the field of Outdoor Adventure as well as Experiential Learning for more than 20 years. He is known to challenge the boundaries of programme design and facilitation in these fields to strengthen the learning process.

He is also the proud owner of the companies Pivotal Learning as well as Pivotal Youth.

As much as he is the "go out and get there" kind of person, he is actually an introvert. During his free time he prefers to be alone, go for a run, or sit in a cafe and work (work ....work ....LOL). He is super happy when he is working :). If time permits, he prefers to go on solo trips, diving and hiding in the mountains.

He is a loving father to 4 kids, happily married with a loving wife.

"I love life, and choose to be super excited about life. :)"


Samantha, also Saman, seeks to value-add to people she crossed paths with. A people-person, she enjoys connecting with people through laughter and stories (but mostly, her random jokes & puns)!

Her interest in the psyche of human mind along with time spent in facilitation, she finds joy in designing programmes, experimenting different kinds of concepts and games to challenge assumptions.

In her recent chapters, Saman is exploring the beauty of struggle. She is still on her journey of figuring life out. Some days she asks the whys of life, on other days she just accepts life as life is. She loves how the universe amazes her. She amazes herself sometimes too.

'Every moment life poses you with choices. Choose one, enjoy the process, learn and grow from each experience.'


I believe that everyone has got what it takes in them and more. This stand on personal growth drives me to create an empowering space for people around me to discover and grow. Trained in psychotherapy and positive psychology, I have a knack of hacking into theories and concepts to simplify them for understanding and application.

Other than training and facilitation, I spend my time seeing clients for channeling sessions, as well as conducting meditation, innerdance, conscious movements session, and playing around with essential oils and oracle cards.

I believe in magic and the divine but also stresses over many things in life. I am passionate in “heart work” with people but my kind of fun is a solo trip somewhere with minimal human interaction.

I love simplicity but prefers intensity.

"Life is full of paradoxes and I am flowing well in it."


Siva likes to play all the time. He believes learning is possible even with play. His journey of rediscovery after years of rebellion led him to find his passion with youths.

Siva embodies himself as the "Brother bear". Exactly as the words describe, he is grumpy and irritable when hungry, but fun and loving when it comes to human relationships. His jokes, at times, can be rather un"bear"able.

Siva loves his time under the sun, on the sand, and in the sea. ​He pushes learning beyond the known, even in the toughest of times.

"Life is full of surprises, go seek them!"


Hi I’m Danny! I love life and want to spread this love to everyone around me.

​Facilitation is my way of creating value for the world and I believe that the Czech Way is a methodology more people should experience and adopt.

I am a Trainer and General Manager in Pivotal Youth, and one of the things I like to do in my free time is to take pictures.

“Time goes on by default, while Life goes on by CHOICE.”


My name is Arif, been living in Singapore for the past 35 years. Been married to a sweet and loving wife for the past 2 years.

Playing darts, being on the challenge course, and even in the trees is what I love most.
Not forgetting being funny and loving to be around people and nature.​



What brings joy and meaning to Norman are his family, religion, the Red Devils, working with youths and love for the outdoors. He is happily married with three kids (a boy and twin girls) with his wife as a pivotal pillar of support. Norman is an educator and resident fellow in NUS, doing what he loves and loving what he does. His faith as a Buddhist has seen him ordained twice as a monk, gained a Masters in Buddhist Studies, and an audience with the Dalai Lama. Norman's passion for the outdoors has also brought him trekking and serving in numerous community service projects in many parts of the Himalayas.


Hello, my name is Joanne! I'm a social worker by occupation and I work in the community. My office is located at the rental block's void deck and I serve children, youth, families, and the seniors (yes, basically anyone who walks in with genuine requests). I picked up Yoga 3 years ago and I enjoy it very much because it helps bring peace and calmness to my inner self. I also enjoy reading but I seem to only enjoy particular genres such as self-help, non-fiction, and psychology. Recently, I got myself hooked onto Netflix (thanks to my colleagues recommendations). The work I'm doing daily demands huge emotional and mental capacities - and hence explains my ongoing pursue for deeper and grounded sense of self. Through this training, I hope to let down and let go of my ego and choose courage to explore greater understanding of myself. Can't wait to brave through this journey of wilderness!


Hi, I am Chun Kit. I am an Engineer in the electronics industry. In my free time, I love to spend quality time with my family, especially my daughter. I believe that character development is important and should be taught young to children. I hope to learn and unlearn through this training of choices.


Since leaving my home if the UK a few years ago I have traveled, lived and worked in some amazing places including the Middle East, Australia and now Malaysia. During this time I have continued and developed my career as an outdoor educator, this has allowed me to continue my passion of going on epic adventures and most of all eating amazing food!!


Who am I? This is a question I often ask myself. I am a outcome of curiosity, experiments,hardwork,passion and chemical X. I love challenges breaking mindset and breaking systems to allow synergy and ideas to flow. I am a tasty soap opera that you will never tired of. Try me and you will addicted to life.


I am Sin Yee. I am not really an outdoor tech people but somehow I just love to be at outdoor and sharing with people how amazing the outdoor environment to be, from the tree to the animal! I found that to be able to share these thoughts with people and inviting people to love the environment is the most grateful thing!


I am Dee. I love spending time with my family, my friends and watching k-dramas. I like the outdoors as it reminds me of peace.


I have been a Team Singapore Bowler for the last 16 years and I have been very lucky to be able to do something I love for such a long time. Being exposed to the sport of bowling and representing Singapore also gave me a chance to travel all over the world getting to know and learn different cultures and meeting so many different people from all over. One of the best things bowling has given me was also the chance to study and bowl overseas on one of the best programs at Wichita State University. That experience has changed my life forever. Here is a picture of me with my school’s mascot, WuShock. 🙂



Hi there!! I am a full-time sleeper, part-time brand builder. If I’m not here, I’ll probably be sleeping at home 😛 If there is one mantra I will like to live by, it will probably be “Have fun in everything that you do!” I have chosen this and am looking forward to the adventure that’ll come my way!


Hi! My name is Terence and I have a keen interest in serving others and surrounding myself with people that love and grow me. I am naturally quiet and unassuming, and I find myself learning best through observations and hearing. I love to go outdoors and relax in nature. I am a member with the Singapore Scouts Association and there are times where I go for hikes and adventures with my friends. There are also times where I simply love to chill at home too. I enjoy listening to people who share about their life stories with me. I love to learn about people and I am happy to talk to anyone whenever there is are opportunities. I enjoy introspection and strive towards life long learning.


My name is Muhammad Solehin bin Maarop. People call me Soleh. I was born at Port Dickson General Hospital on 6:30am, 4th August 1989. The last generation if 80's. Im the 7th child with 8 siblings. I was raised at a small village name Kampung Padang Halban, Changlun, Kedah.

Graduate from UiTM Shah Alam, with a Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation Management after 3 years study. Extend one semester just for one paper. At that sad moment i was introduce to Gopeng and Nomad Adventure.

Life is getting more interesting from that moment. New love is found, sad story become meaningful experience, and still failure is the best teacher.

During free time i like to do nothing and just entertain my thoughts.

"Si riang- riang menyanyi siang,
Si cengkerik menyanyi malam,
Biar hidup jadi penyenang,
Menjadi penerang dikala kelantan."


Hi, I’m Jin Hao. I have just completed NS and am currently waiting for university studies next year. Unsurprisingly, most of my time in the past 2 years was spent in NS. Outside of the army, I enjoy playing frisbee, listening to music, watching youtube videos and sleeping. I wish to (re)discover more about myself in the next few months before going back to studies.


Hello, I'm New Hui Fen and I'm a national bowler. If im not bowling, I'll be spending all my free time with my dog, Gary. He is a red fawn frenchie 🙂 I believe the world will be an easier place to live in if everyone can practice a little more kindness and honesty. "Be honest anyway" because there can only be one story if it's the truth."