Our Trainers


Your Soulful Practitioner

Siva has been spiritedly involved in youth development training and facilitation for 7 years. As a young boy who once benefited greatly from being trained by others, he is seeking to pass on his experiences and knowledge to the next generation. He is adept in using all kinds of play to bring out learning as a way to develop the youth.


Your Curious Practitioner

Ry has been involved in youth training for the past 15 and more years. Started with an interest in experiential learning, he soon found his way into this interesting and gratifying area where his experience can be used to support the youth to develop themselves for future adventure and/or endeavours. He is apt in creating experiences and supporting a person to draw relevancy from these experiences.


Your Jovial Practitioner

Samantha's interest in leadership and team development started her off on her facilitation journey in 2010. With a background in psychology & education and her experience in training & facilitation, she designs and curates the curriculum and programmes targeted at leadership and character development for the the children and youth.


Your Blessed Practitioner

Lyna started training & facilitating in 2010 and truly believes that fun and learning can happen cohesively.  She has been actively involved in the youth scene since the start and recently stepped up to expand training with educators & teachers. She has a love for nature and the metaphorical transferences which she uses to support youth in deepening their learning.

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators are a unique blend of people and our most important asset. With a minimum age of 18 years, they come from different walks of life, from student to professional, and so bringing different experiences, perspectives and maturity to our programs.

While our trainers create the environment for learning, it is our facilitators who trigger and elicit the learning from the participants.

As graduates of our in-house facilitation training, they are equipped with critical skillsets in facilitating learning experiences.

​What does this mean to you? Consistency. Consistency of outcome and delivery of objectives EVERY TIME.

Our Facilitators posses...

  • Distinctions that makes debriefing work
  • Framing Techniques
  • Observation skills
  • Debriefing techniques that can be varied in form to keep it novel
  • Principles of Experiential Education
  • Transference of Outdoor/Adventure Learning Theories into Experiential Learning settings
  • Creating conversations to have deeper and more meaningful debriefs with participants, that creates paradigm shifts and behaviour change
  • Humanistic Theory in action



In Pivotal, our most important asset is our family of facilitators. While the trainers deliver the content and kickstart the creation of the environment for learning, it is always the facilitator with the task of eliciting learning from the participants.

If you are already reading this entry, chances are that you came here by way of our postings for invitation to join us. All you need to do now is contact us indicating your interest, and one of our staff will contact you for a chat, and subsequently an invitation to a briefing where you will get more information about what's needed to join us, and more importantly, know us and know what we do.

We invite you to join us as caring individuals and nurturing leaders. ^^

Part-Time Facilitator

Do you enjoy working with youths and students?
Do you enjoy the experience of facilitating learning?
Do you like to work in both indoor and outdoor settings?
If your answer to all questions are YES!! You may be the right person to be our facilitator 🙂
We are not concerned about your competencies in facilitation, rather, we focus on looking for people who have a passion for youth development and attitude that supports facilitation.


  • 18 years old​ and above
  • Recommended by one of our facilitator or attended our briefing session
  • Minimum "O" level (case by case basis)
  • Clear MOE REMS

Job Scope

  • Involve in pre-programme grounding (could be separate day)
  • Deliver the programme
  • Post programme debriefing

Expected Fee
​$120 - $150 per day

If you are interested to be part of our family of facilitators,
please connect with us at info@pivotal-youth.com or DM us at Instagram (@pivotal.sg)